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It has become easy and convenient to communicate with anyone you want, anytime you want. You can just send them a text and they can reply wherever it is convenient for them. There is no urgency in texting like there is in picking up a call or answering the door. Modern texting is the most relaxed way of communication. I can text you in the morning when you could be asleep, so you could reply in the afternoon after lunch or just whenever you are free. It’s an amazing way of staying in touch with someone while also taking care of yourself and keeping your priorities.

You can virtually be with a person all the time, without physically being with them

The world has become a lot more open, progressive and accepting. Things which were wrongfully considered to be against the conventional norms are now accepted and respected by many. We have normalised self-care and self-love and putting yourself first, which is an absolutely amazing achievement for today’s generation. The convenience of texting helps us achieve this goal of self-care by avoiding toxic conversations or people and blocking them out of our lives. It gives us the freedom to choose to either be or not be part of a conversation or a group and find like-minded people with whom we can just be ourselves.

But there are also some very major drawbacks of texting. When we talk via text, we cannot see the expressions on the face of the person on the other side, neither the high and low pitches in their voice nor the words that they put more emphasis on. While reading a text we project our own emotions onto it. A sentence changes its meaning depending on who’s reading it and what they are feeling at that particular moment. If the person is sad, they’ll read the text in a sad tone or sometimes even a taunting or a patronising tone. Changes in the mood of the receiver will change the intent of the text message which in turn leads to misunderstandings, unwanted arguments and drama.

It’s really easy to misunderstand the intent of a text

Miscommunication is one of the biggest problems when it comes to texting someone. Apart from that, it’s also not a good way of communicating something serious or urgent. Unfortunately due to the lack of actual interactions, and the convenience of being able to reply whenever, sometimes, most people often opt for texting rather than calling or meeting in person. This also gives a person the power of leaving someone on ‘read’ and forgetting about it either accidentally or intentionally (ghosting someone). This has become a common thing for people today which may make the sender feel ignored and unvalued.

Texting also puts a mask on the faces of the people involved as they could just claim and pretend to be someone they are not, without any big repercussions. For example, it has become very common for people to have online friends nowadays but it comes with its own set of risks. It becomes difficult to trust someone when texting them, where sometimes you also have no reference to what they look like or if they even are really who they are claiming to be. The fear of being ‘catfished’ is very very common and understandable.

Now how can we try to solve these issues?

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