Did the last two years really happen?

In March 2020, The lockdown was officially declared in India. Everyone was instructed to stay at home and to maintain strict social distancing. The streets of the busiest cities were completely empty for the first time in decades. Shops that were open and running for years were shut down for months. Many people lost their jobs and ways of earning, but it was all for the greater good to stop the spread of a virus we were all very underprepared for.

The streets of one of the busiest cities in the world are completely deserted

But just like how humans have always done, we started trying different ways to entertain ourselves and keep ourselves busy. People tried new ways to have fun and stay connected with their loved ones through video calls, text messages and having online parties. It was a new and refreshing experience for all of us as we took a break from the perpetual rat race. The world enjoyed the unexpected vacation in the beginning and made the most out of it.

Switching our lives to online mode. Prabhav team online meet-up

But just like every good thing and feeling stays new only for a while, as time went on, things started getting saturated again. Online video calls started getting mindless and boring. Without actual human interactions, it felt more like talking to a blank screen. The world did try to get back on track using online methods, working from home, and staying in touch via video calls. They seemed promising at first but the lack of physical one to one interactions made people realize that we humans did evolve to be social animals and no matter how fancy we try to make the online world, nothing compares to meeting and talking to someone in person.

The new mode of communication came in with its own set of challenges. Network connectivity issues, not having proper hardware, not being able to comprehend what exactly the other person is trying to say.

The online world eventually started to get boring and saturated

As time went on, days turned into, weeks that turned into months which have now turned into years. People who were 19 and considered teenagers before the lockdown, are now 21 and considered young adults! A lot of people graduated and obtained their degrees and diplomas online. There was no celebration, no balloons, just a few faces on the screen, just as tired-looking and saturated as you. A few jokes cracked here and there and after a boring speech, just like that, on a random Saturday afternoon, you are now officially a graduate. You close your laptops and sit on the bed, thinking, “what the hell just happened?” A lot of people still kept a sense of normality by going out at any chance they got, but for the people who didn’t get this chance, and who followed every social distancing rule like a law-abiding citizen, who didn’t just wash their hand every now and then but took entire showers, 2-3 times a day, for them, the last 2 years may feel like a skip in time. No memories with friends, no memories of going out, no social interactions. Many people had to go through this for the last 2 years, spending time like a prisoner in their own houses. Thoughts like these put a mental toll on a human being. Being isolated for long periods may give a person social anxiety even if they’re among people they’ve known for a while. It’s almost as if they forget how to be social. It’s been a real challenge to keep going in times like these. But somehow, people made it and are still going at it with all they got in them.

Humans have a way to adapt no matter the circumstances. In the last couple of years, people have tried things that they never would have thought they would ever try. They learned new things about themselves and the people around them. People started going back to their old hobbies like painting, drawing and playing musical instruments, reading books and making things out of whatever was available to them at their homes. When looking back on these 2 years, people need to remember all the things they were able to do, that they would not have been able to do before. The long periods of isolation have made people realize the importance of being more open about their thoughts and feelings.

No matter the situation, we humans will always adapt and learn from it

These 2 years shouldn’t be considered a “gap”, especially for young adults with a life that's still to witness numerous wonders and adventures. These couple years were like a necessary break from the chaos we were all part of. It gave us a break from the typical saturating lifestyles and a chance to do something different. These 2 years might very well be the most important chapters of our lives.

Look back at all the things you have gone through these last 2 years. The struggles, the challenges, the highs and lows. They were lessons, not a gap. But it's time to move on from it and use the experiences we’ve gained and start fresh.

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