How is ‘Prabhav’ impacting lives?

Updated: Oct 7

Prabhav is what Prabhav does. It impacts society and humankind in innumerable ways. Since its inception, this brainchild of Prachi and Bhavna has successfully been touching a plethora of lives by conducting webinars, and workshops spreading awareness about mental health and providing free therapies for the whole gamut of the population-- men, women, and children across the country.

'Prabhav began its journey in dribs and drabs, just like a small stream meandering while braving many odds and embracing them in its course,' says Prachi, the founder of the NGO. During the onset of the pandemic, it began with an honest intent to help the multitude caught in the whirlpool of the trauma of losing one's family and loved ones, huge financial debacles, and social confinement like many malaise. The lack of preparedness in the country's health care infrastructure added to the list of these woes. As a result, cases of mental illness just skyrocketed during this tumultuous time. Prabhav set its first step to fill the hiatus, the void that had been created around and within. " Since then Prabhav has been consistent in its efforts to provide multifarious services to society, be it almost free counseling sessions and therapies to thousands of students, children, and adults from the depths and breadth of the country.

“Today Prabhav not only conducts webinars sensitizing people regarding the importance of mental health, and dispensing with the stigma attached to it, but we also have a team of the best psychiatrists in the industry providing therapies at Rs.49 only. ---the quality of service not available for less than a thousand and five hundred rupees elsewhere," says Bhavna. By doing so Prabhav has addressed the dichotomy that lies in society, between the haves and haves not, and the justified belief that mental health is still a prerogative of the upper class. Its cofounder Prachi says 'its availability and affordability are the keys to our success. Today after two years of earnest effort, we can claim that we are on the threshold. --ready to achieve what we set out to. "A long way to go still, and many more to reach out to.We strive to bring smiles to the faces of many more. At the end of the day, that means the world to us ", Bhavna affirms with her characteristic warm smile.

Prabhav's quest is on to make its reverberation feel in every curve and crevice of the country. May its honest and unflinching effort be realized serving zillions, crossing all boundaries along and across nations.

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