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Not Just a Piece of Cloth

Date: January 7 | March 7, 2022

Prabhav successfully raised more than 95k using Impactguru platform in collaboration with Pee Safe for distribution of free menstrual hygiene products to marginalised communities along with education and training to improve menstrual hygiene in India.


Date: January 30, 2022

Laughter is the best form of therapy!
Comedian Sachin Kumar made the audience laugh out their hearts for a prominent cause. Total donation collected from the ticket price contributed to improving menstrual hygiene for the thousands of underprivileged women.

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Date: 9 July, 2021

You are not alone in this, we are all together! Let’s heal and grow as a group with a trained psychologist.

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EXPLORE: Career Counselling

Date: August 20 | August 31, 2021

Youth is the future of our Nation, but is our youth aware and guided regarding their future? This is a great opportunity for young teens to discover hundreds of choices and strive in the right direction.

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Date : May 1, 2021

The Global Pandemic has taken a toll on everybody's mental health. This webinar will help us get a better understanding of mental health and cope with struggles coming our way.

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Date : 25-26 January, 2021

We distributed food, stationery, or any basic ammenity to the destitute and needy in the middle of a pandemic that still affects incomes and households of thousands of our own country people. We pray for their improved lives.

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Date- December 4, 2020

Mental health includes our psychological and emotional well being. It determines the way we feel, think and handle stress and anxiety. Art Therapy, is an extraordinary technique where creative expression can foster healing. With the certified Art Therapist Prachi Dokania, was to help people explore and develop awareness of their mental health.

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Date- 14 November, 2020

Doesn't recieving gifts makes you feel special? We did brought smiles to not just fellow humans but also the stray animals. This time we made a little prabhav by gifting not just to our relatives but to the people who cherish gifts and love the most.

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The Art Of Education

Date- 31 October | 7 November, 2020

Education is still a dream of many and thus for our very first event, we invited our house helps, workers and their kids or any underprivileged people around our homes at our places. At our places For Value and Fun Learning sessions.

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